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IfM Briefing Day - Manufacturing a better world

Thursday 17 May 2018, Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge

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These sessions will give you the opportunity to experience first-hand how IfM research, tools and approaches work, demonstrating the impact they could have in your organisation.

These parallel sessions will take place in the afternoon.

Skills for our future – Keeping pace with digitalisation

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Its constantly being developed, adapted and improved, offering organisations a tantalising array of opportunities to gain an advantage over their competitors. In this context, how can organisations develop their workforce to have the skills and capabilities needed to capture the value from technology that is now so intrinsically linked to organisational success. Organisations we work with consistently highlight skills as a significant challenge in their future, and because of this, it has emerged as a significant cross-cutting theme in many areas of IfM research. 

Judith Shawcross has been working with organisations to create professional development programmes that integrate business and technology thinking. In this workshop, she will give insights from University of Cambridge research into skills and their development, as well examples from practice such as ‘Gold for Experts’, a programme we have been delivering with Atos for over five years, which has delivered benefits including:

  • Higher retention of technical experts completing the programme
  • Faster career path progression for participants
  • Inclusion of participants in organisation succession planning
  • A global network of technical experts with excellent personal relationships

 This workshop is led by:

Professor Tim Minshall, Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation & Head of the Institute for Manufacturing
Judith Shawcross, Head, Executive and Professional Development, IfM Education and Consultancy Services, and coordinator of Manufacturing Industry Education Research Group


Understand your business ecosystem to reveal opportunities and gaps in your service strategy

What works for one business will not work for another as every company is unique, has unique customers and operates in a unique business ecosystem.

The key is to deeply understand and explore the relationships within your ecosystem and to then use this knowledge to leverage it to your advantage. This workshop will explore the importance of your business ecosystem and why it's vital for maintaining competitive advantage, value creation and service delivery. You'll be able to reflect on the organisations within your ecosystem – your partners, customers, alliances and other organisations that you work with to co-create value.

Through understanding your business ecosystem you will be able to then identify ways to create and capture new value, including opportunities to leverage digital information and technologies as well as create new and disruptive business models. This workshop is led by:

Dr Florian Urtmetzer, Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Service Alliance


Building UK manufacturing capabilities: Insights from international policy experience

13:30 - 14:30

As countries around the world step up efforts to support their manufacturing industries, there is a need to learn from international experience.

Taking insights from a recent report commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Policy Links team, along with Clare Porter from BEIS, will discuss key opportunities for supporting UK manufacturing industries. These include:

  • Exploiting domestic supply opportunities - opportunities for strengthening the domestic supply base in order to help UK sectors reduce delivery times, inventory costs, and supply risks
  • Technology diffusion along value chains – value capture from increased technology adoption and opportunities for firms across sectors to adopt new more efficient technologies
  • Promoting R&D among SMEs in the value chain – value capture from a more inclusive national innovation system which encourages opportunities for large firms to build R&D partnerships with SMEs
  • Enabling the development of the value chains of the future – value capture from the industrialisation of emerging technologies

This session provides an opportunity for industry stakeholders with an interest in manufacturing supply chains to share thoughts directly with BEIS officials who are looking to refresh and strengthen their evidence base for potential government intervention.

This session is led by:

Dr Michele Palladino, Policy Analyst, Policy Links


Clare Porter, Head of Manufacturing, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy  

Innovating Value – Learn to find the hidden opportunities that can create sustainable value for your business and stakeholders.

As businesses and products advance, often driven by technological and process innovation, the ability to translate the full range of improvements into high value outcomes for customers and the business as a whole can easily be missed.

The Centre for Industrial Sustainability has developed tools that allow companies to understand what value means for a business and its stakeholders. They provide a structured way to unlock value and innovate with it. The results are a different way to view who could benefit from the wide range of value exchanges that could be delivered and where fair returns can be achieved. The outputs identify the opportunities to impact a business’s economic, environmental and social performance.

Over the past 4 years we have used the tools with 100’s of companies both strategically and tactically in many sectors with powerful results.

The workshop will give you the opportunity to try out some of the tools and see for yourself how they work and evaluate whether they could benefit your business.

 This workshop is led by:

imb31.jpg Ian BamfordCommercial Director, Centre for Industrial Sustainability
se321.jpg Professor Steve Evans, Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability, Centre for Industrial Sustainability


The digital transformation of medicines manufacturing

IfM and the British Standards Institution, supported by Innovate UK have recently conducted a consultation to develop roadmap for the digital transformation of medicines manufacturing. This session will review the emerging findings from that consultation and discuss possible next steps

 This workshop is led by:

Andrew GillPrincipal Industrial Fellow, IfM ECS
Ben Sheridan, Market Development Manager, BSI Group


These parallel sessions will take place in the afternoon. Please click here to select your preferred option

IfM Briefing Day

Cutting-edge manufacturing research and its implications for your organisation

The IfM Briefing Day provides an opportunity for attendees to hear about the latest manufacturing research being developed at the University of Cambridge, and to consider how practical applications of this research can support your work. It also provides a space for people from large manufacturing organisations, government departments and institutions and academia to network and share experiences.

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