Make-or-buy: Supporting strategic decision-making



Deciding what activities to undertake or develop in-house, undertake with partners, outsource or deliver through acquisition is a fundamental part of the strategy of any company. Yet these decisions are often made reactively and purely on the basis of cost, rather than considering other non-financial aspects which are often vital to overall competitiveness.


The IfM’s 'make or buy' approach identifies and quantifies the range of decision-making criteria, placing them in context and leading to clearer and better-informed choices. Our approach has helped companies across a wide range of sectors to improve their strategic decision-making and avoid contentious debates.


In this webinar, we will explain our make-or-buy framework, which helps you consider key questions such as:


- How strategic is a particular product, service, capability, process or component?

- How important is it to the customers’ buying decisions?

- Does it require unique know-how?

- How does the potential supply base’s capability compare with our internal capability in delivering this?


By using our structured approach, you can not only arrive at the right strategic decision but also - by involving stakeholders in a clear and transparent process - ensure you build consensus around the decision you make and the criteria involved in making them.


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Webinar presenters:



Paul Christodoulou


Andrew Gill 


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