Turning R&D into successful products, processes and services

Through effective technology and innovation management

Developing new products, services and processes is vital to profitable – and sustainable – growth. But companies face many challenges: globalisation, new and more agile competitors, the sheer pace of change in many areas of new technology and the increased costs of development.


Against this background of change and uncertainty, companies need answers to some difficult questions. How, for example, do you:

  • Make sure that R&D is doing what the business needs it to do?
  • Strike the right balance between risk and opportunity?
  • Back the right technologies?
  • Form successful partnerships with organisations such as universities and start-ups?
  • Design products, processes and services which really meet customers' needs?
  • Equip people with the right knowledge, skills and motivation?
  • Reorganise your R&D to support new business structures following a merger, for example, or moving from regional to global business units?

We have portfolio of flexible, coherent technology and innovation management approaches and techniques which we customise to address your company’s needs. Developed by researchers at the IfM and put into practice by our team of experienced consultants, these approaches have robust theoretical underpinnings and have been extensively tested through practical application. The flexibility and scalability of our methods is key: they can be used together to provide a total technology and innovation management programme or they can be used selectively to meet a particular challenge.


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