Talent development

Technology and manufacturing companies face the same challenge. Your business relies on people with extraordinary expertise such as scientists, engineers, technologists and software architects. These technical experts, by definition, are specialists but they also need to have an end-to-end view of how their role fits within the organisations' structure and strategy. Experts are often given training and development which deepens their expertise but does not necessarily broaden their organisational understanding.


Bespoke talent development programmes

We work with companies to equip their experts with strategic capabilities and build a global network of people who ‘talk the same language’, and will:

  • Make a vital contribution to the business strategy
  • Find good solutions for their customers
  • Foster innovation and internal entrepreneurship
  • Create and maintain momentum
  • Stay and grow with the business


Learning focused on outcomes

All our programmes are fully integrated with the company’s overarching learning and development strategy, objectives and systems. They are delivered by leading academics, researchers, industry experts, learning and development specialists and, if appropriate, senior executives from your company.


‘Active learning’ is central to IfM ECS’s design ethos: applying new principles both within the modules and back in the workplace so that they are fully understood and assimilated.


Projects – working on real strategic-level company problems – are a very important part of this. Putting what they have learnt into practice, ideally with the support of course tutors and in-house sponsors, is an effective way of ensuring that delegates assimilate new skills and knowledge. Projects can also have very immediate benefits for the company.


Who are they for?

Scientists, engineers and technologists in global companies who have the potential to play a more strategic role in the organisation.


How long do they take?

Bespoke programmes for groups of up to 30, usually taking place over a 4 to 6 month period, comprising 3 or 4 one-week modules.




"I am far more equipped to communicate with clients on what the wider company can offer, with cross service line and global capabilities. My understanding of industry trends and various technologies has been expanded, which means I have a stronger personal capability and knowledge in this area. There is a great network for collaboration and support, which can help in both winning and delivering future work." 


Delegate on bespoke programme




Case Study: Atos - Gold for Technology Leaders 



For further information please contact:

Judith Shawcross

T: +44 (0) 1223 765603

E: jks45@cam.ac.uk

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